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Approximately 50 undergraduate students are admitted to TEA each year.


Department of Technical Production & Management

Stage and Event Management Majors should submit a list or notes on production files, script instructions, lighting, sound or props that you have participated in the past.

Technical Direction Majors should submit after-school assignments, e.g. models, props, etc. You may also submit PowerPoint files or links in which contains photos or videos of your assignments.

Department of Media Design and Technology

General secondary school students may have limited opportunity to learn the knowledge about lighting and sound production, so applicants will be assessed based on their interest. Students may share their experiences in theatre productions such as drama, music composition and visual arts. We will also consider those applicants who have special talents and aspiration within the scope of media design and technology.

Department of Theatre Design

Submit hand-drawn draft and sketches etc., not necessarily completed works. It is important for us to appreciate the talent of an applicant through the work they submit. Quantity is not the key, but the work should be able to demonstrate the characteristics of the applicant, as well as their aspiration. Applicants with less experience in theatre or other production may share their thoughts and opinions on different types of performances or a particular performance.

In conclusion, no matter what discipline you are applying for, submitting a portfolio that demonstrates your personal characteristics and passion are important in getting to the next step.


主修: 舞台及項目管理


主修: 技術指導

可提交課餘習作,例如︰模型、道具等。也可將個人習作拍攝成照片或錄像,再以Power Point或鏈結的形式提交。




可提交手繪作品、草圖、速寫等;不一定是完整作品,重點是希望透過相關作品去了解同學的個人天分。提交作品的數量也不是以數量取勝,最重要是提交的作品能展示出同學的特質。 而同樣重要是展示出同學對未來的抱負。



The School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts consists of three departments: Media Design & Technology, Technical Production & Management and Theatre Design.

Each department will have a different interview format, as follows:

Media Design & Technology - two rounds of interviews, the first will be a group interview and the second is an individual interview. Students are encouraged to bring along their laptops to present their work on the day of the interview.

Technical Production & Management - two rounds of interviews, including a practical examination and a simulated scenario handling test.

Theatre Design - Each student will be given an assignment and will be required to submit a report on the day of the interview. In addition, students will be required to bring a photo or a computer file of their work to share their creative process on the day of interview.



製作管理系 - 兩輪面試; 包括實習考試和模擬的情境處理測試。

科藝製作系 - 兩輪面試;首輪為小組面試,第二輪是個人面試。同學可於面試當日帶同手提電腦展示及表述作品。

舞台設計系 - 每位獲得面試機會的同學會收到學系分派的習作,同學需於面試當日作出報告。另外,同學需帶同實體作品或作品的相片或電腦檔案,即場分享創作的過程。

Yes, if a student has achieved the required level of performance in the Diploma programme, he/she can directly proceed to the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre and Entertainment Arts degree.


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